( 1 ) Individual and juristic people, Sorbian societies and groups with or without legal capacity, local societies, unions and clubs can obtain membership in case they accept the statutes of the Domowina. Each member of a Sorbian society or club that is a member of the Domowina is automatically a natural member of the Domowina.

( 2 ) Each natural person or society has to submit a written application and the statutes to the federal board in order to become a member.

( 3 ) The relation between umbrella organization and a society or group as a member is declared in a written contract.

( 4 ) Sorbian societies outside Lusatia and friends of the Sorbs can obtain an associated membership. The forms of cooperation are determined by agreements which are subject to the approval of the federal board. The federal board can make exceptions about the status.

 ( 5 ) Individual and juristic people who support the organization can become promotional members. They cannot vote and are not subject to the tax-code.

 ( 6 ) German and foreign promoters who made outstanding contributions to the Sorbian people and their culture can obtain the status of an honorary member. This is subject to the approval of the federal board.

 ( 7 ) The central conference is allowed to decide on the membership of a society or group.The federal board can give a society a temporary membership.The central board can decide on the status of an honorary membership.


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