The Sorbian Sokoł association

The Sorbian Sokoł association, a registered society (Serbski Sokoł z.t.), is the umbrella organisation for the Sorbian sports clubs and individuals, as well as of all other sports clubs which support the goals of the Sorbian Sokoł.

The Sorbian sports association, Sorbian Sokoł, was active in Lusatia from 1920 to 1933. Its aim was not only to encourage Sorbian children, young people and adults to take part in sport, but also to strengthen the national consciousness of the Sorbian people.

After the political U-turn in 1989, proposals were repeatedly made in the Sorbian media and at various events to re-establish the Sorbian Sokoł. A foundation meeting was subsequently held on December 28, 1993 in Horka, in the district of Kamenz. Jurij Frenzel, honorary chairman of the DJK Sokoł Ralbitz/Horka, who had already been a member of the former Sorbian Sokoł, was elected to be the honorary chairman of the Sorbian Sokoł.

At present, Achim Kowar from Miltitz is the chairman (starosta) and Jan Macka from Crostwitz, his deputy (městostarosta).

The umbrella organisation integrates personal members, sports clubs, sport associations and sport groups which feel a close affinity to the Sokoł movement as corporative members. Besides many personal members, the following sports clubs and sport associations have joined the Sorbian Sokoł: Sokoł Budyšin z.t. (Bautzen), the football players of Green-White Horka and the SG Nebelschütz, the football team of the DJK Sokoł Ralbitz/Horka, the volleyball teams of the Sorbian grammar schools in Bautzen and Cottbus, the volleyball team of the teachers of the Sorbian school "Michał Hórnik" Räckelwitz, and others.

The umbrella organisation is devoted to national and recreational sport. The main goal of the association is to initiate, co-ordinate, organise and conduct sporting events in Lusatia, in particular in the districts of Bautzen and Kamenz.

The umbrella organisation Serbski Sokoł also fosters relations with members of the international Sokoł movement. All events serve predominantly to develop, consolidate and maintain regional identity, which has its main basis in its Sorbian character.

In 1996, the Sorbian Sokoł joined the umbrella organisation of all Sorbian associations, the Domowina - Association of Lusatian Sorbs, a registered society.