-CIOFF-Guidelines for Folklore Groups (PDF, 377 KB)

for the folklore groups (live-music, dance and singing)
from foreign countries

(This document is not an invitation./Dieses Dokument ist keine Einladung.)

Our conditions (according to C.I.O.F.F guidelines:

We assume: - all costs for accommodation (hotel), food and medical care during the festival

- transport costs, for participants originating in Germany (cost of 30 l diesel/100 km)

(The costs of transport to and from Germany are at the expenses of the group)

- guides for each group

We expect:

- your participation in our Festival from Thursday, 6.7.2023, 14:00 hrs

to Sunday, 9.7.2021, 19:00 hrs or Monday, 10.7.2021 (departure day)

- your individual live program, live music and performance (instruments, dance, live-music, singing etc) in folk costumes representing your country or region. If possible, involvement of public is much welcomed.

- we expect your participation in a Cultural forum (for official or interested persons of your group) – a short report is required (the short report are payed in a lump sum)

- group strength max. 30 persons in total (including accompanying members and 2 (bus-)driver. (We recommend 2 drivers, due to the prescribed driving and rest periods.)

- age of participants: from 16 years (no children groups allowed, due to the German Children- and Youth Protection Law)

- national or regional flag.

We should like to emphasize particularly that all participating groups bring with them typical specialities from their home countries to offer these for sale. For example food, drinks hand crafts or other souvenirs.

Cultural groups who represent minorities or other ethnic groups shall be given preference.

Fees for performance are not paid.

Please make sure, that you have all travel documents and all visas required for entry to Germany in time.

(Application documents for groups from abroad see above.)