Thank you for your interest in the association work of the Domowina - Union of Lusatian Sorbs (Zwjazk Łužiskich Serbow). By its statute associations and individual people can become a member of the Domowina. An association lives on its concrete targets and by the fulfilment of them. And the projects can be determined only by the members themselves.

For the Domowina office it is impossible to organize an association life outside Lusatia (Lausitz). There are three possibilities to support the work of the Domowina as well as the Sorbs:

The first suggestion is, you become a member of a Sorbian association, which corresponds to your interests best, e.g. the Maćica Serbska, the Sorbian scientific association or the Serbski Sokoł, the Sorbian sport association. 

The second suggestion is that you become a promoter-member of the Domowina and support the activities of the Sorbian organisation morally or financially. An appropriate request is to be addressed to the Federal Administration of the Domowina.

The third suggestion concerns the financial support of projects for the promotion of the Sorbian language and culture by donations. T

For which possibility of supporting the Domowina and the Sorbs you decide, is on your own discretion. We thank you in each case for your readiness of promoting Sorbian interests.