The General assembly of the Domowina

 ( 1 ) The supreme committee of the Domowina is the General assembly.

( 2 ) Delegates are the members of the federal board as well as members of the associated societies and groups. A quota-regulation for the delegates is made by the federal board.

( 3 ) Members of authorities for Sorbian affairs with the Federal Parliaments of Saxony and Brandenburg as well as members of the donation-council are permitted to participate, however with advisory votes. Written invitations for the central conference are distributed by the associated societies and groups.

( 4 ) The task of the General assambly is to analyse the work of the umbrella organization during the previous year and to determine main tasks for the following year, i.e.:

- to confirm the report of the federal board concerning the work of the Domowina and the current situation of the Sorbs

- to receive the financial report and to pass the annual budget

- to accept societies as members and to decide on agreements between associated groups and the umbrella organization

- to receive the report of the audit committee

- to decide on proposals of the arbitration committee

 ( 5 ) Every 4 th year the General assambly is additionally held as an election meeting.

 There the following tasks are added to the above mentioned topics:

- to decide on an election procedure

- to elect the chairperson, two vice-chairpersons and board members of the Domowina

- to approve the programme of the Domowina

- to agree on alterations in the statutes

- to elect an audit committee

- to elect an arbitration committee


( 7 ) The General assambly is public.