Federal executive board

Composition and obligations of the federal board

 ( 1 ) The federal board consists of up to 30 members. Its period of office takes 4 years.

 ( 2 ) The chairperson and both vice-chairpersons are members of the federal board.

 ( 3 ) The manager and the deputy manager have to take part in the meetings with advisory votes. The heads of the audit and the arbitration committees can participate with advisory votes.

 ( 4 ) The arbitration committee can propose the dismissal of a board-member; the General assembly has to decide on this matter. Furthermore the arbitration committee can decide on a temporary suspension of a board-member in his / her position.

 ( 5 ) The obligations of the board are:

- to decide on matters of the Domowina

- to set main focus and responsibilities for the realization of the tasks and aims

- to receive regular reports from the chairperson of the Domowina

- to fix the responsibilities and obligations of the executive committee

- to receive reports from the manager concerning the work of the main office and to determine main focus of its work

- to deal with matters of finance and property of the Domowina - to establish working groups / project teams

- to accept temporary membership

- to nominate or elect representatives for authorities and to control their work by regular reports

- to decide on working procedures, unless otherwise stated in the statutes

- to employ managers of institutions that are financed by the Domowina

- to decide on employment of the manager and the deputy manager with at least 50 % votes of all members of the federal board