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Welcome to the Domowina

( 1 ) The Domowina is a political independent league of the Sorbian and Wendish  people and umbrella organization of Sorbian societies in Lower and Upper Lusatia . It represents the interests of Sorbian people. It is the continual successor of the Domowina-League of the Lusatian Sorbs. Domowina commits to the constitutional order of freedom and democracy.


The Domowina has got the following aims:

  • preservation, development, promotion and distribution of Sorbian culture, language and tradition as well as supporting the national self-confidence of the Sorbs and their association to their home.
  • uniting and promoting the Sorbs and the Sorbian societies and groups in their work
  • representing Sorbian interests in public, parliaments, institutions and authorities of villages, towns, districts, federal states and abroad
  • protection and promotion of national minorities in Germany and ensure compliance of legal regulations and international law
  • tolerance and understanding between Sorbian and German people and their equality
  • keeping friendly relations to Slavonic peoples, national minorities, international associations of them and standing up for common interests


 (abstract of the Statutes of the Domowina)



Štwórtk, 23. wulkeho róžka (januara), w 18 hodź. so w domje Domowiny we Wojerecach na Drježdźanskej 18 zjawna bjesada z nowym serbskim wobydlerskim...

Heute nimmt der Vorsitzende der Domowina, Dawid Statnik, am Abschieds-Empfang von Staatssekretär Erhard Weimann teil, Leiter der Landesvertretung und...

Wot dźensnišeho dźěła Madlena Malinkec w Sakskim statnym ministerstwje za wědomosć, kulturu a turizm jako referentka za serbske naležnosće – hromadźe...

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