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Rewizijny wuběrk Domowiny/
Revisionsausschuss der Domowina

předsyda / pśedsedar/ Vorsitzender:

Marko Wjesela/ Wessela

zastupjer předsydy/stellv. Vorsitzender:

Tadej Cyž/ Ziesch

dalši čłonojo / weitere Ausschussmitglieder:

Florian Brězan/ Bresan
Alfons Korjeńk/ Koreng
Jan Kliman

sekretar / Sekretär:

             Pětr Brězan

tel. 03591 550-201
faks: 03591 42408


Composition and obligations of the audit committee

 ( 1 ) The audit committee is elected during the election congress and consists of 5 members. They decide on a head. The work of the committee is determined by audit standards. Employees of the Domowina cannot be members of this commission.

 ( 2 ) The audit committee has to check regularly, at least once a year,

- the efficient use of material goods and finance as well as the correct documentation

- the correct procedure of dealing with written or oral complaints and criticism which refer to activities and work of the Domowina. The audit committee submits a report at the central conference.

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