Program (Subject to alterations)

Thursday, 22.6.2017 in Bautzen

9.00 hrs./
10.30 hrs.

performance  for children and students in Bautzen, on the main stage of the German-Sorbian PopularTheatre in Bautzen (open air)

16.30 hrs.

media presentation- welcoming and introduction of guest-ensembles in the House of Sorbs/Haus der Sorben, Postplatz 2, Bautzen

18:00 hrs.

pass through the city of Bautzen/Budyšin from the "Kornmarkt" nearby the tower "Reichenturm" to the Hauptmarkt

19:30 hrs.

inauguration and gala-program
in Bautzen, Ortenburg


Friday, 23.6.2017 in Drachhausen/Lower Lusatia

19:00 hrs.

Entree with music

19:30 hrs.

"Variety of International Folklore" -
international folklore and culinary specialities in 4 farmsteads


Saturday, 24.6.2017 in Crostwitz

14:00 hrs

Cultural forum "Balancing act between folklore and stage"(short reports welcome)

15.00 hrs.

"Intangible cultural heritage" - special music and folklore in one of the farmsteads in Crostwitz

15:00 hrs

Opening of the traditional handicraft market, which is opened all day

15:30 hrs.

"In land of happy children"- Program prepared by children and youth cultural groups from Lusatia in one farmstead

17:00 hrs.

The Sorbian National Ensemble Bautzen presents its new program "Slavic soul - Słowjan sym"

19:00 hrs.       

"Farmers' traditions through out the year of the native region"
Music, dances, singing and culinary specialities from all over the world in seven farmsteads

23:00 hrs

"Crostwitz special" - youth program



Sunday, 25.6.2017 in Crostwitz (all supplies in Crostwitz)

10:00 hrs.

Festive church service in several languages at the fairground (open air)

11:30 hrs.

- Traditional handicraft market, which is opened all day
- Brass music at the fairground

13:00 hrs.

Festive parade of all 700 participants from the church to the  village center

14:00 hrs.

Subject-program of Sorbian Lusatian folklore groups

15:15 hrs.

Program of the Sorbian National Ensemble Bautzen

16:00 hrs.

Festival finale
Artistic highlights form the program of all participants