The Sorbian folk dance Group Schmerlitz

The Sorbian folk dance Group Schmerlitz is a folklore ensemble which represent Sorbian culture and traditions at international folklore festivals every year by showing and enjoying the Sorbian and German culture from different regions by dancing , singing and playing music.

The folk dance group was founded in 1964 and currently operates with 72 active members of various ages, who perform different types of dances with the program duration of 10-90 minutes suitable for the different age-groups.

All the members come from the Catholic Sorb villages in the district around Kamenz. In addition to dancing, they also keep up other customs such as Easter Riding and May-pole Throwing.

The joint performances of musicians and dancers have taken the artists beyond Germany to international folklore festivals in Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, France, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, USA, Argentina, Portugal, Gran Canaria, South Korea and Turkey.