Language and education

Language, pre-school and school education in our region

Great attention is paid to the preservation and cultivation of the lively sorbian-german bilingualism in the region as an essential component of the sorbian culture.

Beside the sorbian kindergartens “Alojs Andricki” in Radibor and “Jan Radyserb Wjela” in Bautzen further regional mechanisms offer the possibility to learn the sorbian language already in the earliest age. These are day care centers that include the sorbian language in the care of children within the framework of the “Witaj” project, which was founded in 1998. “Witaj” means welcome – and therefore we want to welcome all children from sorbian, german or mixed-language families.

One of the most important thing ist, that education in sorbian language from the earliest childhood is offered and can be continued in the schools of the region. Parents may choose for their children sorbian as language in lessons in several subjects at some sorbian primary and secondary schools. In a couple of other schools around Bautzen they can choose sorbian as an additional subject.

At the following schools the children are taught in sorbian in several subjects:

- Sorbian elementary school Bautzen

- Sorbian elementary school "Dr. Maria Grollmuß" Radibor

- Sorbian secondary school Bautzen

- Sorbian secondary school "Dr. Maria Grollmuß" Radibor

- Sorbian grammar Bautzen

- Sorbian technical school for social pedagogy at the school center for economics and technology Bautzen – you can acquire there a qualification of state-approved kindergarden teacher

At the following schools sorbian is taught as foreign language:

- Elementary school Baschütz


- Elementary school Baruth

- Elementary school Göda

- Elementary school Großdubrau

- Elementary school Hochkirch

- Elementary school Königswartha

- Elementary school Guttau

- Elementary school Neschwitz

source: school database of Saxony

The Domowina is working hard to expand the Witaj-groups and support the corresponding schools in sorbian lessons.