FUEN has 3 new Slavic Member organisations

FUEN Assembly of Delegates admitted 3 new Slavic member organisations at the Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia.

At the 70 years Anniversary Congress in Bratislava, the FUEN Assembly of Delegates admitted three new Slavic member organisations: SSO – Confederation of Slovenian Organisations (Slovenians from Italy), Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania and the Panhellenic Pomak Association (Pomaks from Greece). We would like to warmly welcome you in our Slavic family!
On 13 June 2019, the regular AGSM meeting took place. We discussed current topics, members presented their current developments, future AGSM activities were discussed, next seminar in Carinthia was presented and new member organisations introduced themselves. 

The Working Group of Slavic Minorities is thus with 29 member organisations the WG with most members within the FUEN.