The XIV International Folklore Festival "Łužica - Łužyca - Lausitz" 2021 is cancelled.

Bautzen/Budyšin | Drachhausen/Hochoza | Crostwitz/Chrósćicy

Did you ever visit the smallestSlavic nation - the Sorbs? The Sorbs settled in the 6th century in the eastern part of Saxony, where the Sorbian language, culture and traditional costumes are still present. A good opportunity to get to know the Sorbs is the 14th Folklore festival "Lusatia" - which is organized by DOMOWINA - Union of Lusatian Sorbs and many other partners -and takes place 06.07.-09.07.2023  in Crostwitz , in the historical city of Bautzen which is also a centre of the Sorbian life with several Sorbian institutions and in Drachhausen in Lower Lusatia.
Of course, the festival will also combine other minorities and ethnic groups from everywhere in the world. On each day there are performances, colourful programmes and entertainment.
So use this opportunity to visit the area between Bautzen and Kamenz with its two different languages and get to know the home, culture and the traditions of the Sorbian people. Nevertheless the focus of this festival is on the minorities and ethnic groups from all over the world. Together with the participants from Lusatia and other parts of Germany they'll present their unique folklore and will enchant you with their songs, dance arts and traditional costumes. We welcome you to Lusatia  to the International Folklore Festival.
The festival starts on Thursday with a parade through the city of Bautzen where the participants introduce themselves. Afterwards there is the grand opening.
On Friday evening the gala program of international folklore takes place in Drachhausen in Lower Lusatia.
Starting Saturday the gala performances are in Crostwitz. Traditionally they take place in five farmsteads where traditional meals will also be served. Just taste it!
Sunday starts with a divine service in the Sorbian language and in the afternoon there is the festival parade with following folklore performances. Afterwards the highlights of the festival are presented in the grand finale with most of the participants.

So enjoy these days of domestic and international folklore and get to know the richness of languages and traditions of minorities from everywhere in the world, still living today.


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The XIVth International Folklore Festival "Łužica - Łužyca - Lausitz" 2021 is cancelled. The biennial festival in Bautzen,...

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