Next International Folklore Festival Lusatia not until 2023 - for 2021 regional alternatives are being considered

(translated by DeepL)The XIVth International Folklore Festival "Łužica - Łužyca - Lausitz" 2021 is cancelled. The biennial festival in Bautzen, Drachhausen and Crostwitz was previously scheduled for 22 to 25 July 2021. After the discussion of the preparatory committee on Tuesday evening, the chairman of the committee Marko Kowar explains"So far our motto has been: After the festival is before the festival. We know from past festivals that the complex preparation of this major international event is not a question of days or weeks for our partners, but of months. We are currently back in a phase in which measures to contain the Corona pandemic are becoming even more stringent. The foreign groups are equally affected. At the moment, we cannot expect to be able to work "normally" again by the end of the winter, and that in July the hygiene measures will be changed so that the festival can take place as we know it and as visitors from all over the world appreciate it.As a result, the preparatory committee does not see a viable way to implement the concept of the festival in 2021 with international participation and programmes on the farms. This decision is of course not easy for us, as we have been steadfastly hoping to find a way to do so since the spring. It would not be right to keep on hoping for it, only to be disappointed in the end.In other words, the XIV International Folklore Festival "Łužica - Łužyca - Lausitz" will not take place until 2023. Of course, we have also considered the option of postponing the festival by one year, but for practical reasons we have rejected this option. Every year and everywhere in the world the calendar is full of such big events and we would only be in the way of other organisers if we were to postpone the festival. In Schleife, for example, the International Bagpipe Festival is planned for June 2022.We ask for your understanding for this difficult decision. The Domowina celebrates the 100th anniversary of the foundation of its regional associations on 24.7.2021. One intention is, among other things, to strengthen the contacts through various events among people from all regions of the Lausitz. Perhaps this weekend we can organise a regional festival together on a smaller scale than before, which will bring about a cultural exchange in Lusatia".