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Welcome to the Domowina

( 1 ) The Domowina is a political independent league of the Sorbian and Wendish  people and umbrella organization of Sorbian societies in Lower and Upper Lusatia . It represents the interests of Sorbian people. It is the continual successor of the Domowina-League of the Lusatian Sorbs. Domowina commits to the constitutional order of freedom and democracy.


The Domowina has got the following aims:

  • preservation, development, promotion and distribution of Sorbian culture, language and tradition as well as supporting the national self-confidence of the Sorbs and their association to their home.
  • uniting and promoting the Sorbs and the Sorbian societies and groups in their work
  • representing Sorbian interests in public, parliaments, institutions and authorities of villages, towns, districts, federal states and abroad
  • protection and promotion of national minorities in Germany and ensure compliance of legal regulations and international law
  • tolerance and understanding between Sorbian and German people and their equality
  • keeping friendly relations to Slavonic peoples, national minorities, international associations of them and standing up for common interests


 (abstract of the Statutes of the Domowina)


Domowina je tutón tydźeń wudała nowe čisło swojeho informaciskeho łopjena “Naša Domowina”. Wone je wušło z nakładom 7000 eksemplarow a so čłonam po...

Dnja 12. awgusta w 10 hodź. zeńdźe so na žurli w Budyskim Serbskim domje jury wubědźowanja “Přimaj so gratu! – młodźina.akcija.zabawa”; zdobom budźe...

Štwórtk, 17. awgusta 2017, wotměje so wot 19.00 hodź. w Serbskim domje čitanje z knihi „Mjez Saksami. Mjez złobami a witanjom“. Zarjadowarjo su...

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